What if everyone were talking about soft skills?

Soft skills are increasingly sought after by employers. In a world where technical knowledge is becoming more and more outdated, these are the major skills of the 21st century. At the other end of the spectrum, young people from modest backgrounds have little knowledge of this or underestimate their importance during the recruitment process. Arriving…

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Soft skills : between search for meaning and transformation of companies

Paris, 4 Avril 2022. Over the last two years, the health crisis has accelerated underlying, latent trends in the world of work that must change. For employees, the search for meaning has never been more central, while companies need to rethink their business models. For Article 1 and the Mozaïk Foundation, taking into consideration and…

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We support your company, the word of a professional

Allowing companies to consider soft skills makes it possible for them to take a closer look at more atypical candidates, but also to safeguard recruitment; according to a 2019 LinkedIn study, managers say that 89% of dismissals during the trial period are linked to a lack of soft skills. One of the goals of JobReady…

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JobReady, the tool that translates experience into skills

Soft skills are behavioral skills that have become determining criteria for choosing a future employee. In an ever-changing business world, soft skills remain important recruitment criteria to identify and highlight. Integrating these skills developed through personal experience results in better consideration of each person’s talents.To fight for equal opportunity, soft skills must be recognized as…

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A new year … a new impetus for Human Resources ! What if we redefined the norms for recruitment and skills management in 2022 ?

Paris, 3 January 2022 – 2022 brings much hope for growth and a return to pre- crisis employment rates, particularly thanks to government initiatives, such as the Plan for Young People or the France Recovery Plan, to create 240,000 additional jobs. In this context, the Article 1 Association and the Mozaik Foundation have confirmed their…

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