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Soft skills (transversal skills, human qualities, interpersonal skills) are an incredible
opportunity for leveling the playing field. Sought after by companies, they are
acquired through life experiences and are essential during recruitment interviews for
about one recruiter in two.

In the context of accelerated transformation within our organizations, our
professions, and our society, we need to immediately cultivate new forms of
intelligence and knowledge. They will allow us to reinvent and interact with
tomorrow’s technology, and to maintain control over it. These skills are emotional,
flexible, social, public, and methodological. They are already a major issue for
recruitment (2nd major criteria for the final selection of a candidate, after experience)
and management, professional growth, and employability, because they explain a
20% difference in wages for someone with the same degree.

The democratization and appropriation of transversal skills by everyone is a
necessity, because their use can become an excellent opportunity for the economic
inclusion of young people and the performance of firms.

Soft skills can become a tremendous asset for young people, whether they have a
degree or not, but under one condition: that they be identified and valued. And
become an asset for companies to find and keep the best candidates.

Candidates… discover your soft skills on JobReady and sign up on MozaikTalents to
land the job that matches your skills!

Recruiters… you can support equal opportunity by posting your offers for finding
tomorrow’s talent.


Accenture is committed, alongside its long-standing partners, Article 1 and the Mozaïk Foundation, to helping 100,000 young people in France find employment, via its Skills for Success initiative led by the Accenture Foundation. Accenture will support the two associations with €2 million over three years. This initiative is part of the 1 Jeune, 1 Solution plan, which Accenture supports, and will result in exceptional support for two long-standing partners from the social and responsible economy, in favour of their development and their initiatives, namely : 


Article 1 works for : a society in which career orientation, success, and path no longer
depend on a person’s origins; for genuine freedom rid of social determinism; and for
a society in which success depends on social ties and civic engagement. Thus,
Article 1 assists 100,000 young people from working-class backgrounds each year,
including 25,000 young people attending workshops or assisted individually.
Accenture has been the association’s primary digital technology partner for 11 years,
and has supported the development of its Jobready program, a chatbot-based
learning platform for young people which helps them identify, develop, and have their
soft skills recognized by companies and recruiters. 


The Fondation Mozaïk is taking action to transform practices into inclusive
recruitment across all companies and organizations, by relying on Mozaïk RH, the
first recruitment firm specializing in promoting diversity (of which it is a 100%
shareholder), as well as its online recruitment platform Mozaïk Talents.  Accenture
co-developed this platform with the Mozaïk Foundation, with the objective of
overcoming discrimination in hiring, while guaranteeing the best profiles for
recruiters. By leveraging digital technology, Accenture enables the Mozaïk
Foundation to scale up its efforts to help recruit new talent, especially from
candidates that are traditionally discriminated against. Mozaïk Talents has
attracted over 35,000 applicants since its launch in June 2018.

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