Article 1 has committed to equal opportunity, particularly by developing support programs for every young person, from high school to obtaining their first

This is the case for JobReady, which places soft skills at the center of
experience for the young.

Concretely, we help young people to identify their transversal skills, to highlight them
for the job market, and to provide support for developing them.

These three stages will revolutionize their résumés and boost their applications!


Mozaïk Talents

Find the offers on mozaiktalents.com : the platform for inclusive recruitment that unveils new talent, freely available to candidates and recruiters.

Using a matching algorithm, the platform proposes a shortlist of relevant applicants to companies and organizations, along with offers that correspond to candidates’ profiles.

Goal : to hinder unconscious stereotyping by recruiters and self-censorship of talent from less-privileged areas, while maximizing the relationship between both. 

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