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What are soft skills ?

Soft skills are relational, emotional, or methodological skills. Behavioral skills or
interpersonal skills are also sometimes mentioned.

76 %*

 of working-age adults and 65 %* of recruiters have declared that they
lack the tools for identifying/assessing soft skills:

Développed by Article 1, Jobready is the only site that helps young people to identify, develop and enhance their transversal skills for the job market.

75 %*

 of recruiters think that a better consideration of soft skills would bring
more diversity and inclusion to their companies:

Through its online recruitment platform, the Mozaïk Foundation is taking action to transform practices towards more inclusive recruitment across companies and organizations.

*Viavoice survey, Decembre 2021


Discover the results of the survey addressing the link to soft skills

*Viavoice survey, Decembre 2021

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