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Allowing companies to consider soft skills makes it possible for them to take a closer look at more atypical candidates, but also to safeguard recruitment; according to a 2019 LinkedIn study, managers say that 89% of dismissals during the trial period are linked to a lack of soft skills. One of the goals of JobReady is to help companies to objectify the expected skills for jobs and assist in making decisions about candidates.

To do that, we have mobilized corporate partners and created a Manifesto for soft skills. Nearly forty companies and associations have already signed it, including Biocoop.

Each signatory organization is committed to:

 Enable all young people to understand, identify, and develop their soft skills;
 Clarify the expected soft skills for jobs and objectify their evaluation during the recruitment process, based on shared benchmarks;
 Recognize, encourage, and value extra-curricular or extra-professional activities;
 Raise awareness of recruitment teams and managers, and add value to JobReady badges, micro-certifications based on an objective process of assessing skills.

As for the candidates, Ninon Desmedt, in charge of HR development at Biocoop, explains how to meet recruiters’ expectations using soft skills.

Soft skills represent a person’s human qualities and behavioral skills, such as empathy, listening and creativity, etc. Today, we can bring them all to the fore in the context of a search for an internship or a first job.

Identifying soft skills: to define them, we first need to take a step back from ourselves to highlight those that characterize us, as well as those that we must develop. To do this, we can get help from our entourage, or use the jobready.fr platform.

Polish your résumé and perfect your professional social networks : The goal is to highlight the softs skills that we have defined, either by using the “skills” tab on LinkedIn or hashtags on Twitter. They can also be featured on your résumé, though not too many (we recommend between 3 and 4).

Give meaning to your career path : Professional experience is often the last to be mentioned, which is a pity. Don’t hesitate to talk about it during phone calls before the interview and exchanges with HR and managers. For example, if you play sports, you can showcase your team spirit and your desire to excel. The goal is to give specific cases. Don’t forget any involvement with associations!

Thanks to Ninon Desmedt, in charge of HR development at Biocoop, for sharing these tools.

The video can be viewed here .

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