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Soft skills are behavioral skills that have become determining criteria for choosing a future employee. In an ever-changing business world, soft skills remain important recruitment criteria to identify and highlight. Integrating these skills developed through personal experience results in better consideration of each person’s talents.
To fight for equal opportunity, soft skills must be recognized as a key HR issue. They are factors of inclusion and integration.

Launched for the first time in 2019, is a platform that aims at helping young people enter the job market by assisting them in identifying, developing, and enhancing their soft skills. It is the only free platform that translates work, professional, personal, volunteer, and academic experiences, and passions, into clear and visible skills for recruiters.

A summer job babysitting? It shows a great sense of responsibility. Tutoring young students in the evening? Pedagogy is the key word. Member of the Student Union to organize student parties? Your organizational skills need to be highlighted!

This program also draws on two complementary components: a digital platform with chatbot technology for sharing stories, open badges for certifying skills, and resource centers and assignments for making progress… workshops at institutions of higher education, employment professionals, integration, and young people. They aim at making young people aware of the importance of soft skills in the professional world, and to identify, develop and showcase them.

I was a cashier for several years while I was in school, and I didn’t mention it on my résumé. Discovering my soft skills – time management, oral communication, motivation, etc. I realized that I had some solid experience. Now, I include my soft skills on my applications and I’m proud to talk about that job.

Lindsay – Student in Communications

JobReady has a dual aim. On the one hand, the platform aims at enabling each candidate to be clearly and prominently visible on the job market by qualifying their experience with skills. On the other hand, it helps companies to objectify the required skills for jobs and to help make decisions about candidates.

To place the topic of soft skills at the heart of HR practices and strengthen companies’ inclusion policies and the employability of young people, JobReady uses many tools:

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