A new year … a new impetus for Human Resources ! What if we redefined the norms for recruitment and skills management in 2022 ?

Paris, 3 January 2022 – 2022 brings much hope for growth and a return to pre- crisis employment rates, particularly thanks to government initiatives, such as the Plan for Young People or the France Recovery Plan, to create 240,000 additional jobs. In this context, the Article 1 Association and the Mozaik Foundation have confirmed their respective commitments to equal opportunity by promoting the employability and inclusion of 100,000 young people in the corporate world. The success of this mission requires enhancing skills and redefining the components of success to fulfill the promise of a more just and equal society, which includes soft skills, or transversal competences, within its recruitment criteria.

In support of their efforts, the two associations conducted an unprecedented survey* on soft skills with ViaVoice: “The connection of Soft Skills to knowledge, valorization and evaluation; a comparative analysis between working-age adults and recruiters.”

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