Soft skills : between search for meaning and transformation of companies

Paris, 4 Avril 2022. Over the last two years, the health crisis has accelerated underlying, latent trends in the world of work that must change. For employees, the search for meaning has never been more central, while companies need to rethink their business models.

For Article 1 and the Mozaïk Foundation, taking into consideration and validating soft skills is a lever to consider for attracting and convincing talented people to join a more inclusive and diverse organization.

Within this context, the two associations conducted a joint study that examined both working-age adults and recruiters. They are now unveiling the results of the second wave of this survey in “The Place given to Soft Skills in a Professional World undergoing Rapid Transformation since the Crisis”*, conducted by the ViaVoice Institute.

72%, of employees consider that taking soft skills into better consideration would have a positive impact on their career paths

ViaVoice survey: “The connection of Soft Skills to knowledge, valorization, andassessment; a comparative analysis of working-age adults and recruiters” carried out by Article 1 and Mozaïk Talents – October 2021
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